Where to Find the Best Coffee in St. Charles

Coffee to go with muffin on wood background

As the days get shorter and chillier, coffee is the perfect drink to perk you up and make the day that much warmer. Locally owned coffee shops abound near our apartments in St. Charles, and most are offering curbside pickup or no-contact delivery. Here’s where you can get the best coffee in St. Charles:

Crooked Tree Coffee House

This family-owned coffee shop gets its name from the lovely and mythical crooked tree in St. Charles, representing the local atmosphere around the city. In addition to curbside pickup, Crooked Tree Coffee offers free no-contact delivery. They also have some great merchandise, like coffee mugs or T-shirts, sporting their logo with the famous crooked tree. Order online, stay in your comfort zone at St. Charles apartments and let the latte come to you.

Upshot Coffee

If you’re seeking a quality, scrupulously-sourced cup of coffee, then Upshot is the perfect spot. Plus, they also offer delivery and takeaway. Upshot serves a no-nonsense premium cup of coffee with single-source beans. Fashioned by their skilled baristas, this coffee will turn you into a connoisseur. Consider supporting them further by buying some of their beans to take home. You can never go wrong with a bag of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

Sugar Beans Coffee House

On the other side of town, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with a pastry and a luxurious specialty latte from Sugar Beans Coffee House. Fall is fast approaching, and there’s no better place to get in on the annual pumpkin flavor frenzy, as Sugar Beans is both a bakery and a coffee shop. Order online, and you can pick up your pumpkin spice latte with whipped cream and a sprinkle of nutmeg curbside. Don’t forget the pumpkin bread!

Once you’ve tried some of the best coffee in St. Charles, pick up another kind of brew at these local breweries. Contact us to place yourself in the very center of this thriving community. We’d love to welcome you home to Sun Valley Lake Apartments in St. Charles, MO.

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